Information To Select Or Modify Red Card Traffic Control Plans

There are few specific ways in which you can either select or modify a red card traffic control‌‌ plan. It all starts with gathering the course information. This is ideally a two-day course that will provide you with all the necessary training to become a professional and efficient traffic controller.

You can also make some minor modifications to the existing Traffic Control Plans or TCPs so that it suits you as well as your work locations. However, you must keep in mind that the course does not allow you to design or inspect the traffic control plans.

red card traffic control

The course topics and features

Within the course topics, you will find there are several aspects that are covered to make sure you manage and control traffic at the best. The course includes:

  • Explanation of all the requirements of the Traffic Management Plan or TMP which will further ensure that you manage the flow of traffic just as it is required as per the traffic regulations.
  • A detailed description of the process to follow for the setting up and closing down of a Traffic Control Plan.
  • Expert advice and tips on how to conduct a risk review for a Traffic Control Plan so that you can make proper amendments as and when required.
  • Providing knowledge about the ways in which you can make minor modifications as per the requirements of the site as approved by the law.
  • Undertaking routine daily as well as weekly inspections of the worksite.

However, there are a few entry requirements for this purpose that includes:

  • Having an appropriate level of language skills along with literacy and numeracy knowledge
  • Having either a minimum of 12 months experience in industry-specific blue card traffic controlling or application of yellow card traffic control plans and
  • Holding a current select or modify red card traffic control‌‌ ready for renewal.

The delivery method of the course consists of different distinct modes such as face to face assessment, written exams, practical lessons, and awards. If you can successfully complete this course you will a completion certificate along with a Traffic Control Red Photo ID Card within a couple of weeks.

As for the training lessons it will be delivered and assessed by Trans-Plant Training and this entire training will cost you less than $400 irrespective of the fact that you are a member or a non-member.

Make sure that you choose a school that has flexible payment options and accepts credit card or cheque payment along with other payment gateways. All traffic control tickets are valid for 3 years. However, re-appraisal is flexible as competencies gained will usually have no expiry. This can be done on the job including any third-party testaments.

The requirements are same for the renewal of cards as well in which you will have to undertake a face to face one day course for a fee provided your license has not expired by more than three months. You must also be licensed for a stop-slow bat traffic control at work site for the required renewal.